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Developing Greenspec software for your greenhouse

Developing started in 2008 and now in 2019 we are still adding features 

At the start of the company developing Greenspec software in a good way was priority number one.

It was decided to work with new and proven features:

  • an optical bus system, that can have a high speed
  • use Delphi as a good modular system
  • have one main programmer with a horticultural background together with several specialists from other fields.

What makes the Greenspec software development special is the direct contact of developers with your installer.

So: if your special greenhouse or crop situation needs a new element or a different setting: Greenspec can do it. Each year we make many smaller adaptations for clients without extra costs. And each year we do one or two specialized developments at extra cost. We give you an estimate if the time needed to develop and test.

So: if you want to use special words in your texts, special drawings in your overviews: your installer can set thes for you in 5 minutes.


How do you learn about what we are developing?

Once your system is up and running: how do you learn about new development?

Then best option is to check the new software features page of this website.

At each functional check with your installer aks if he can update and explain to you the new features. Updates are free of charge!

For instance in 2019 Greenspec finished:

  • A new program for reusing drain water
  • A good overview for filling and emptying water tanks, so it is easier to be economical with your water supply
  • an easier way to control your valves
  • help included in the software page by page, available by clicking a button.
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