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Data Communication over the optical line

The Greenspec system has a very fast communication that runs over the optical fibre line. So both the data are sent to the computer and the commands come back have a frequency of ten time per second. That is very fast. So with this you can be sure that you will always have actual information.

That is not enough: you need the right access to this information.

The Greenspec system has all that you need:

  1. On screen you have two quick overview menus. These give you the actual status of the climate, the irrigation and all other features.
  2. In the computer all data are saved. You can see them as tables or as graphic information.
  3. Very important is the alarm system. It will send out a warning to you by sms, email or app.
  4. We now have two remote access modes: by internet communication and by a mobile app.

Quick overview menus

The two main direct overview menus are the climate view and the water view: these are updated every second. And more information is available in extra screens with extra information on one element, like the way the actual status of the ventilation opening is determined.

Overview Water gifts

The history by graphs  and statistics 

Some data are easier to read in a graphic way, for instance temperature or humidity. Others are better shown in a table, like irrigation starts. Greenspec offers both with a lot of flexibility. You can check one day or a whole month.

You can for instance show all temperatures of all your compartments in one go. Or you look at all features of one compartment over a day.

We have already programmed some logical sets for a table: the meteo values, the summary of temperature, humidity, CO2 in compartments. And in the ferti water program we have also already prepared report tables. These you can read on the screen but also you can export them in one click.


It is vital to send a warning to you as soon as you have an alarm. So you must select with your installer what is important to set as alarms for your installation.

Then you can see them on screen. But you will then also get an email or an sms. Greenspec now has an app as well to send you the alarms on your phone.

app alarm

Of course you often want to see the status of your  greenhouse before you leave to your work, or in the evening. So: we advise that you  install Teamviewer at home. With that you have also full control over all functions as if you were sitting in front of the Greenspec computer. (The speed of the data communication must be fast enough to do this.)