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Greenspec hardware to set-up your system

The three main elements of the Greenspec hardware:

One central computer with electronic input and output units connected by the optical line:

First of all you select how many of the electrical input and output units you need. This depends of course on the size of your greenhouse and the regulation you want to do in it. Greenspec supplies several types of this units, all called AFP: agricultural function print .They contain a few to a lot of outputs, to enable you to switch all kind of functions. The maximum is 63. And the AFP have also input connections, to read back information: 20 as maximum in one unit.

Then you can choose between some options for the central computer, called the GSC, Greenspec System Control. This computer controls the greenhouse functions. You can set your program with flexible software. The computer saves the settings, readings etc. on the hard drive. Since 2019 we are using an embedded Windows 10 version. And it can transmit alarms to you: on screen, by sms or by app.

All the elements described here are connected with an optical fibre communication system. The communication goes over the opto connector present both on the AFP and the GSC. This is a very high speed communication system, that works in all kind of conditions without problems.

Then we have a  line of sensors that are manufactured or adapted to our specifications. And we can provide for you several handy sensors from other suppliers for the greenhouse.

GSC Vespa
opto connector
Opto connector

Investing step by step in your Greenspec hardware

The Greenspec hardware is modular. You can start with a computer and only one or two AFP.

Each time you enlarge your greenhouse it is easy to put one or more extra AFPs in the line and connect them with the computer.

The hardware is easily recognised over the optical line in the computer.

Once the system is connected you can adjust the software. Mostly you do not have to buy a different version of the software. Because new updates are available for clients every 6 months you can stay up-to-date.