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The Greenspec GSC computer to control your greenhouse

The Greenspec GSC computer

You need for the Greenspec software a stable, powerful computer. Greenspec provides for this several types of industrial computers. They are called Greenspec GSC computer. The best choice depends on your greenhouse size and the place you want to use for the system. The system runs under Windows 10 since 2019, with a limited software.

The computer has a special optical connection unit in the housing, that is different from the optical connectors on the AFP electronic units..

We install a watchdog for automatic restart after power problems or other system failure . If needed because of power failure, or because of a blocked system the watchdog will automatically restart the computer.

The different types of the GSC computer

Use a watertight version with touchscreen to set up your computer within the greenhouse. Of course this is not a complete protection against water entering the computer. Greenspec is developing a new small version for small installations, watch this site for updates.

If you have a system running under older versions of Windows, ask your installer for an update. This will make your system more reliable. Your Greenspec software license stays valid, in some cases you only have to buy a hard drive with the updated Windows, in some case you have to replace the computer.

Vespa W10 computer
Water protected version

Functions of the GSC computer

Most important is the regulation of the greenhouse with the greenspec sioftware running on the computer.

The computer saves all the actions and the data on the hard drive. So on the screen you have several nice overview options. You can also export the data.

Very important is the alarm function: the computer will of course give an alarm if the system is not working as it should be. A few eaxmples are given below.

  • If a set value cannot be reached by the regulation.
  • When a heater fails, or a water tank is empty.
  • In case the wind speed reaches a dangerous value.
  • And of course all kind of other things you want to be warned about.

And because you do not want to stay in front of the computer the whole day, we set up several ways of communicating with the computer.

Communication with the GSC computer

We set up the internet communication. Greenspec itself uses Teamviewer. We advise you to buy a Teamviewer license. Then you have full control by remote access. (But you can use other programs) For more information on the software see the software section.

The system will also transmit alarms by sending an email or an sms. There is a separate Greenspec app. On that you can get all alarms. And as  an extra you can also check the most important data, like temperature or wind speed.

Backup of software, settings and data

The Greenspec GSC computer has several options to make a backup. Ths is easy to do, because the files that save the settings and the historical data  are designed for this: they are small and placed in only 2 subdirectories.

For the backup we offer you three options: on the computer itself, on a linked drive or computer in the local network or by an email to another system. Of course all options are protected. Please ask your installer for advice.