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More software features by Greenspec

Do much better with more software features

Greenspec can help you with much more than water and climate functions. We have additional software functions for you. Especially for energy management: regulate heating, light and carbon dioxide. And also you can use the option to provide excess energy to the net.

And then it includes also functions like: cooling, nebulising. There are in the software several ways to make your own ferti solution of good quality. The energy function is especially extensive. This with the aim to use in the most energy friendly way the sources that you have for your greenhouse. Of course it is possible to activate several parallel sources.

Your own daily work

Energy management with the extra software options gives you new chances to improve.

So you can regulate better, save energy, reach a better greenhouse climate.

Work on your light supply, the CO2 dosage or the boiler use.

But also take care about your nebulisers. Or use the extra option to keep the double walls of plastic greenhouse in good shape.

New and upcoming features

Water will get more expensive and waste water rejection more difficult. So in 2019 and also in the coming year we work on modules that make water conservation and preparing fertiliser solutions easier to plan and use.

Greenspec has also the option to activate a module for aquaponics, which is a new and developing technique for growing fish and vegetabls in combination.

If you have a plan for new hardware, ask your installer if Greenspec can develop the software to control it. Some projects have to be paid extra, some features we may directly incorporate into the standard package.