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Saving water while growing vegetables in Spain

In Spain saving water while growing vegetables and fruits in greenhouses makes the difference between profit and loss.

The greenhouse

The greenhouses are light plastic tunnels, installed all over the South East coast area of Spain. There the plants can grow in the soil but also in hydroponic systems. In the special new systems Himarcan places extra sensors in the soil to control humidity. Now the plants grow in hydroponic systems, and a sensor measures the drain water EC . This system of sensors for saving water has been developed by Himarcan, our Spanish installer. The Greenspec system is now integrated with the Himarcan sensors. In this system, the optical fibre transports  the signal of the sensor in the soil to the computer.

Growing vegetables

Spain is one of the main producers of many types of vegetables. But water is a problem. This is mainly because of the low rainfall. So having a system like that from Himarcan that consumes little water the producs will be more competitive.

The Greenspec installation used for saving water

The installation consists of one GSC combined with several AFPs. One AFP is used to regulate the irrigation mixing station. The other AFPs control most of the water system. The climate control in the south of Spain is mainly on preventing overheating: in most greenhouses nebulisers control the climate. Real heating is added, but not in all greenhouses. Some plants, like peppers can be grown here in a greenhouse with open sides, to promote good ventilation.

The water management system saves a lot of water and fertiliser. The payback time for the farmer is just a few years.

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