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Greenspec has a modular support system for client assistance

Greenspec and the installer give the client assistance as needed by you. This starts at the decision to buy a Greenspec system until the day you harvest your first crop. During this time you will have several times contact with the Greenspec installer. And he then in his turn with Greenspec.

The AFP boxes are put into the greenhouse. This can also be inside of a control room. The installer will then connect alle elements together. He will of course connect all the pumps, lights, vents, or motors that will be controlled by the system. And then also connect the sensor signals that come from sensors like for instance the temperature, EC, pH. As next step he will activate the software.

A support contract can help you anytime you need it with your day-to-day worries regarding the Greenspec hardware and software.

You will normally make a contract with you local supplier. This is the best method, as he can always help you from nearby. We have alternative solutions if needed. Of course Greenspec only advises on the settings for the Greenspec software, we are not advisors for the exact growth conditions for your plants. For that you need the agricultural specialists.

afp in greenhouse
afp in greenhouse
fixed and flexible starts

The Greenspec hardware is produced at Synspec in Groningen. At the production site in the Netherlands Synspec builds and tests all units.

The modular program has a help function on every page. By clicking on the help symbol you have access to the relevant page of the manual.

Greenspec and the Greenspec installers give backup service by using Teamviewer. They can contact to the computer via remote access to help you, while you are sitting in front of your computer.

help on screen setting