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Greenspec product line

The Greenspec product line helps you to get the best results from your greenhouse by offering a great software package. With the Greenspec products you can control the greenhouse easily. The system reads sensor values in the electronic hardware. Then the data are sent over an optical fibre network to the computer. The returning commands from the computer control the greenhouse with commands sent back to the electronic units. These electronic units then have the direct control in your greenhouse.

The software controls the greenhouse from the computer. Results are stored on the harddisk. Therefore you can always quickly see the daily work plans and status in overviews and quick setting menus. We give you an alarm warning if something goes wrong. The results are saved in statistics and graphics.

The Greenspec product line in three building blocks

Three basic units form the complete system: the software on the computer, the hardware built in the electronic boxes. And finally the communication that goes through an optical fibre cable.

In the following pages go to the details of the product line.

AFP with 20 inputs and 20 outputs
Opto connector
Greenspec opto connector for data communication