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AFP standard with 20 inputs and 20 outputs

The AFP standard has 20 inputs and 20 outputs. It is our workhorse, designed for the main control functions in your greenhouse.

The 20 inputs are divided over the different types as follows: 10 analogue inputs, 4 counter inputs and 6 digital inputs.

You can use the analogue inputs easily with all normal signals from greenhouse sensors like temperature, humidity, pH, EC. You need this input for a good regulation.

They can read the signal as  4-20 mA or as 0-3 V signal, most sensors on the market have one of these two ranges. But the AFP can also read in the ranges of 0-4 mA, 0-10V etc.

We provide the outputs as NC (normally closed).  But for five you can also switch to NO (normally open).

pH sensor with electronic box
pH sensor with electronic box
EC sensor
CO2 sensor
Measurement box

Extending the network of AFP standard units

With one or more of this basic building blocks you can just start up your system, adding one or more each time you need it. Or you can add an AFP Lite, an AFP Nano or else an AFP 63.

It is easy to add extra units anytime you are adding functions or building more compartments in your greenhouse comes.

You buy the extra unit and the extension of the software is already included. The new AFP that you add is then easily integrated. Because after you have added a new unit in the line, at start up the new unit gives a signal on the line and it will be added on your screen as a new element. As soon as you have seen the signal, it is active for you to use. And also it will alreday be recognised as the correct type by the software.

Then for you the work is to identify the inputs and outputs connected to this unit. So for an AFP standard add up to 20 input signals and 20 output controls.