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Optical fibre connection that links all Greenspec elements

The optical fibre cable that connects all units to the central computer is an important part of the system

  • We have single computer running integrated software communicating over one optical fibre cable.
  • The installer can easily connect this cable. He can fit it simply by hand.
  • You have of course no risk of damage from lightning discharge, because there is no electrical charge on the cable.
  • It is cheaper than copper wire (and copper theft is avoided).
  • A single optical fibre line runs through the whole greenhouse instead of multiple copper cables.

Installing an optical fibre line is quick and easy

In each unit on the line you find of course an optical connection board. The one on the computer is a special one, because it communicates with the software over an USB connector. But for the AFP there is only one type of connector. So the one connector works on all types of AFP .

The optical cable comes in rolls of 500 m. Your installer can quickly cut and connect it.

First it is cut with a special tool. Then after that the connections is hand-tightened and so each connection is made in a few minutes. Greenspec uses a double line. The two different lines come as a double cable, one is smooth, the other has a special mark for identification.

It means that the data can go in two directions. It makes it much safer, because the communication can go on if one side is damaged.

optical chain
opto connector

What is fiberglass?

Fiberglass is fast, safe and offers unlimited possibilities. Fiber optic cabling is the future. The name already describes the property of the system: it is a hair-thin wire of very clear glass. Fiber optic light signals can be transported over a long distance. A laser light is switched on and off at high speed. By this data communication is possible at a speed up to 1000 Mbps. So the speed with optical fiber is higher as with a standard copper wire. Therefore it is used for standard Internet connection and for telephone lines. The way we use it a Greenspec is one of the newer applications.

The development of applications using fiber optics is in full swing and it will only grow.

fibre optics