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Greenspec software for flexible control of your greenhouse

The Greenspec software was developed by a team of specialists in horticulture programming. We based it on 20 years of experience in horticultural engeneering, as well as in communication and data base programming.

We designed the Greenspec program as a modular system. It is very flexible, it can also be extended without program limits. So we can adapt it for a hot climate, in that case you can close the screens against the sun light as well as use cooling. Or else you can use it in a cold climate where you heat the greenhouse and close screens to isolate. You decide how many screens, vents, pumps, valves you want to regulate, of course this means you need enough AFP.

You buy the software as a reduced or complete version. (The reduced version can be used for one or two AFP.) But in the complete version you have access to all the functions that are in the Greenspec software.

The software has no limits in the complete version. So you can add as many compartments, pumps, lamp lines, valves, boilers, etc. as you need. The limit is however the processing power for the optical line communication. As an example: the maximum amount of units installed at this moment is 22 AFP standard 20/20 boxes. And of course you may need a new, more powerfull GSC when you update adding extra AFP. Because when you add extra units the amount of data sent around will increase.

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