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The Greenspec software has come on the market in 2009. Since then hundreds of growers have started using it.

We are not the biggest in the market. But: Greenspec software is very flexible and  cheap to extend. We are especially open for improvement by suggestion of the client.

Who are the growers using Greenspec

They go from small to very big: the smallest use only one AFP standard and one AFP Lite on just one hectare. And at the other end a grower  uses 22 AFP and lots of extras at a surface over 20 ha.

Also in very different climates the system is placed: from the north of the Netherlands up to the tropics in Costa Rica and Equador

The Greenspec system works even with simple equipment but mainly with advanced systems:

  • How do the growers heat the greenhouse: very special is with a wood heater. But many work with a combination of several boilers and generators at the same time.
  • How do they give the fertiliser: some dose a simple mixture, controlled on EC and pH. But the bigger growers make their own mixture out of concentrated solutions. And they are recirculating the water if possible.
  • Some cultures only use daylight  but the Greenspec system manages also many variations of light systems.

What do they grow

They grow many different crops. That goes from tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers to eggplants. And also growers of plants for others, growing all species of chillies, growing ornamental plants….

A few examples of growers in different countries

Click on the links to see a small description of five growers and also of the Greenspec equipment that they use.

If you want to know more about them, send us a request.

Strawberry grower in France
Eggplant grower in the Netherlands
Ornamental plant settings grower in Germany
Ornamental plant settings grower in Germany
Tomato grower in Costa Rica
Tomato grower in Costa Rica
Water saving system in Spain