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Installers set the system for you

Adapt the software for your greenhouse 

Help from Greenspec for the set-up 

The Greenspec installers set the system for you once all hardware has been installed and connected by the optical fibre.

The steps are done by your local installer, with help from Greenspec if needed.

The system is activated step by step:

  • He will first check the connection and function of all the outputs: mainly standard elements like pumps, motors, valves.
  • Then he sets the inputs like temperature sensors, drain counters and level sensors at the right value.
  • He will calibrate the sensors. As a result of a good calibration you will have exact results.
  • After this program the period setting for vents, screens, heating, are made.
  • He will combine for instance the ferti water sources with the pumps and water lines.
  • And as extras he can regulate elements like light, drain systems, CO2 dosage.

Your agricultural advisor can help with more precise details that promote especially good growth. This can be with setting the influences like humidity or sunlight on temperature or fertiliser concentrations. These can be optimised by the installers setting the system.

By optimising the settings of the system each season and each growth using good advise, you can achieve the best results. We have options to save the settings, so that in the next season they can be used again, or modified as needed.

Greenspec provides a manual for end users and for installers. In this manual the installer can find tips for the especially relevant items. This is useful to help the installers set the system quickly.

Besides that we are linking now at each page a help function.

Greenspec supplies to your installer in case extra instructions and also small modifications are needed.

Greenspec gives advise to the installer by email, if possible often with remote contact sessions. And we can also use Teamviewer.