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Production and delivery of your Greenspec system
afp in greenhouse
afp in greenhouse
Water protected version
optical chain
Optical chain

Production planning for your order

Greenspec and your installer plan the production and delivery of your system  together.

Production is at Synspec in Groningen in the Netherlands. They build the hardware on demand and in addition test it with special care. Synspec even produces the electronic boards. That is nowadays very special. But then it means that quality control is easy. Synspec produces following ISO standards 9001 and 14001. They test each AFP control unit before it is shipped.

You get also an industrial computer with the software. The optical fibre lines connect the electrical switch boxes called AFP to the computer.

The Greenspec team designs the software.  It works on a Windows platform, at this moment we supply it with a Windows 10 limited edition. Depending on your system Greenspec can add extra software elements.

We keep up to date with the new developments in the market. A new software version is available for your installer every 6 months.

Delivery of your system

You want your system supplied when you set up a new greenhouse. Or you want an addition in between crops. So in that case the timing is especially critical for you, as the greenhouse will be available for the restructuring for only a limited time.Your  local Greenspec supplier will deliver the system to you. He will then build it in your greenhouse at the right place.

Think about the option to install the AFP boxes in the greenhouse. Because this is practical to connect the inputs and the outputs. The installer will after that link all the AFPs by the single optical cable to the computer. He will then set all the correct inputs and outputs active.

At an extension we offer several small extra AFP units, like the AFP Lite or the AFP Nano repeater. These are economical units to make installing an extra element, like a ferti unit or a heating unit easy to connect to the rest of the greenhouse. In the software such additions can be programmed by the installer at no extra cost to you.