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Teamviewer remote access: help for you at distance

Remote access to help you at distance

Greenspec has chosen Teamviewer remote access as our standard for internet communication. It is installed on your system and you can activate it if you need help.

The installer, your agricultural advisor and the Greenspec software specialist can all log in to your system. So when you give them the access code they can log in. Of course only if you have activated Teamviewer, you can close it any time. And then restart it in the case you want to use it.

So we can use it if you have a question, you want help at adjusting the system. We can check via the Teamviewer remote access your settings, add extra functions. If you have an alarm that you cannot understand, Greenspec can trace the reason behind it.

Why Teamviewer

You can use other remote access programs. Install other communication software that works with Windows  on the system if you want it.

(It is not good to have more communication systems active at the same moment. This may give communication problems)

Teamviewer remote access software has a good name, is widely used and you can test for some time with the free version. We advise you to buy a license for full support, we know that will cost you money. But it means you are certain to have access, also when you are not on site, just when you really need it.