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Eggplant grower in a large greenhouse in the Netherlands

A large installation for eggplant production in te Netherlands.

The greenhouse

This large greenhouse is dedicated to eggplant growing. It is a high quality Venlo-type greenhouse with more than 10 compartments. There is a boiler and also a generator for the heating. The boiler and the generator also produce CO2. The generator can also supply energy back to the electricity network. With 2 different hot water lines the grower controls the temperature in detail. There is a light system. There is also an automatic packing line in this greenhouse. So this is one of the largest eggplant growers in the Netherlands.

The eggplant crop

This plant produces a large amount of high quality eggplants of a very uniform size.  The regulation of the climate conditions, the light and CO2 are optimised constantly. The grower daily adjusts the conditions very precisely. He takes special care of the heating of the plants, as the Dutch climate itself is not at all suitable for eggplants.

The Greenspec installation

The installation consists of a GSC combined with 8 AFP standard and 10 AFP Nano SHT in a dedicated housing. This to be able to monitor the temperature and humidity in detail. The boxes are spread through the greenhouse, for various inputs and outputs.

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