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Companies That Partner With Us


Greenspec installers

Greenspec is supplied by about 20 local and international distributors.

Many of them do not carry exclusively the Greenspec, but also other products.

We have many installations in the Netherlands, France, Germany and Spain.

The distributors working in those countries have a wide experience with the Greenspec product line.

Please contact us for installations in England, Italy, Greece, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Russia, Philippines, Canada, USA: we can give you references for already existing installations and point you to a installer that can help you to set up the system.


In Spain our partner Himarcan has made a special application with the Greenspec system, this is a water and fertiliser saving system that will pay itself back in savings within one year.

Please contact Himarcan for extra information.



In France we have an intensive cooperation with Verardo, especially for the strawberry and tomato growers.

Please contact Verardo for more details on their services.

Experienced help

Greenspec can help new installers with less experience in greenhouse automation to set to work first installations. For this very experienced field technicians, with day-to-day experience can help you at a reasonable cost. Please contact us if you want to sell Greenspec, but do not trust yourself to set this up.


UV application

There is a special Greenspec application for UV developed and sold by one f our installers. This can help you to save a lot of water and pays itself back in a short time.

Production of Greenspec hardware takes place at Synspec, in Groningen in the Netherlands.

We have a test facility in France at Acra in Aiguillon.

You are welcome to visit both sites, just contact us.

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