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A company working hard on the development of the products you want

The Greenspec system has been developed by experts with over 20 years of experience. We add each year new developments, like in 2019:

  • new version of the successfull AFP connection boxes, the Nano series
  • new pH sensor
  • small computer for simple ferti clients
  • large extension water software features

We have a team of electrical engineers, hardware and software developers.

They develop considering the wishes of the client, the new developments in greenhouse technology and the requirements of the environment.

It is a continuous process to include your additional wishes.

We are constantly adding extra functions and refining others. This means the software is among the most extensive available.

An update is available twice a year, without extra cost if you are already using a Greenspec full edition.

For your daily use the part you need is highlighted, we hide functions that are not active. But you can activate them once your greenhouse grows.

The use of water is a focus in 2019 for our software development was : this has to be used in an optimal way with the new restrictions on water. So the planning of filling fertiliser stock, of reusing drain water and of possible mixing systems has been extended

Greenspec produces since 2008 a standard building electronic block. It is the AFP with 20 inputs and 20 outputs. And we also have the AFP Lite with 7 in- ad 4 outputs.

In 2013 we added the AFP63 with 63 outputs the the existing package.

In 2016 we have designed besides that 3 small AFP Nanos with practical functions built-in.

Now in 2019 we have already redeveloped these boxes, saving money on this popular product.

We have updated the computers to keep up with the growing Greenspec software package. A new version with a fast processor at a reasonable price.

New product just released end of 2019

A new product is a really small and simple computer, that can work at up to 50 oC. This means it no longer needs to be placed in a conditioned housing. This computer is only suitable for the simpler tasks, so for the moment we propose it for fertiliser only. The development is still going on as we check for new applications that can run on it.

New Nano AFP development
New version of Nano AFP
Vespa W10 computer

All growers want to aim for a better environment by using less energy, water and fertiliser.

Additional functions in the Greenspec software help you to achieve this.

We optimise the use of energy. And also we can offer you several features that save water.

You can program correct dosing of fertiliser and the flusing of pipelines carefully saves water. With good mixing and dosing you can also save on fertiliser.

The Greenspec hardware is produced at Synspec in The Netherlands, they are ISO14001 certified (environmental management).

Better fertiliser system for optimal water use
Better fertiliser system for optimal water use