New: the Greenspec app that gives you always quick access to some essential data as soon as you load it. Try the new version. It will save you a lot of time in giving a quick data access.

The Greenspec app gives you the following handy features on your mobile:

  • When you walk through your greenhouse, you can immediately read measurement values of parameters like the temperature.
  • If you prefer, you can see them just as well as a graph
  • You get an alarm message by phone, for any parameter and even better: you can also immediately see what it is and in which part of your greenhouse.
  • If the status is not refreshed, you get also a notification for this. So you must check if your GSC program is still running, with that you can be sure to have early warning in case of problems like power failure.
  • newest feature: you can change simple settings like closing a vent or stooping a water gift with the app.

The app is now available for Android and Apple systems in several languages.

The new webapp is progressing quickly and will become a very handy tool for all Greenspec growers to watch and control the greenhouse from anywhere.
Greenspec has launched a new compact but very complete mixing station that is regulated by our own greenhouse automation system. We now add options for larger systems within the same high quality concept.