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Strawberry grower in France in a new high quality greenhouse

A typical installation for early high quality strawberry growers in France.

The greenhouse

The new greenhouse is an extension of an exisiting farm. It is a high quality double wall plastic with ventilation. There is a boiler for the heating during the cold season. The boiler also produces CO2. Then this CO2 flows to the plants over an extra tube network. There is also a new light system with a special cyclic light function the stimulate the strawberry to flower.

The strawberry crop

In the south of France high quality strawberries are a major crop. The specific French tasty types, like the Guariguette, have a very good market in Paris as well as in the rest of the country. By dosing light, carbon dioxide and irrigation in the right way the the farmer can start to sell the first good fruits in February. This grower can now easily supply different types of strawberries during 9 months.

The Greenspec installation

The installation consists of a GSC combined with 6 AFP. One AFP controls the irrigation mixing station. And another unit is for the boiler. In this region heating is only used for a short period for the strawberry and after the the sun gives enough heat, but is is still essential for an early crop. The other AFPs are spread through the greenhouse, for various inputs and outputs. Near to the greenhouse the internet connection is slow. So extra consideration was taken to improve connectivity of the internet.

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