AFP Lite


The AFP Lite has 7 inputs and 5 outputs. It is a practical addition to the standard AFP02 and AFP63.

The 7 inputs are divided over the different types as follows: 4 analogue inputs, 2 counter inputs and 1 digital input.

You can use the analogue inputs easily with all normal signals from greenhouse sensors like temperature, humidity, pH, EC. You need this information for a good regulation.

The units can read the signal as  4-20 mA or as 0-3 V signal, most sensors on the market have one of these two ranges. But the AFP can also read in the ranges of 0-4 mA, 0-10V etc.

We provide the outputs as NC (normally closed).


The main applications are:

AFP Lite in combination with AFP63 for ferti control

A simple ferti installation can consist of valves, controlled by one or more AFP63, combined with one AFP Lite. The AFP Lite has  enough inputs to read the signals of pH and EC, as option also radiation. Then you can regulate your fertilizer mix and control the water gift. You can set the frequency as cyclic, optimized in reaction on the radiation. You have as extra option to read in digital level sensors, so that you can generate alarms if your water supply is low. And the 5 extra outputs will come in handy to control pumps and valves at the mixing unit. So you can use the outputs of the AFP63 for the control of the water gift towards your plant beds.


AFP Lite at an extension of your greenhouse

If you add an extra element, like an advanced water regulation, or a cogenerator you can check if you need a complete flexible AFP02 standard unit. Maybe you can simply do with an AFP Lite, saving money and connecting only to a 24 V power supply.

The new webapp is progressing quickly and will become a very handy tool for all Greenspec growers to watch and control the greenhouse from anywhere.
Greenspec has launched a new compact but very complete mixing station that is regulated by our own greenhouse automation system. We now add options for larger systems within the same high quality concept.