The Greenspec climate control system is used in all types of greenhouses. Look at the examples for different types of crops in different greenhouses in several countries. We help you to get the best growth. And there is a simple way to set conditions and to have immediate alarms if there is a problem.

For daily use you have an overview of all data. Once the installer has set up functions this is where you do daily settings. Here you see the important values. As an example you see temperature, screen position, heating water temperature.

Your own daily work

You set for each day the correct temperatures and humidities, of course you adapt per time period. And the system will calculate actions to perform. So it will then regulate vents, screens, heating.

If there is a problem you get an alarm. For more information you can download the short manual.

Presetting of the climate functions


Your installer will make presettings of many elements at first start. Your growth adviser then can help you further.Just a few examples:

    • You can set the periods over day and night so that the system fits your plants.
    • The Greenspec software has several functions for influencing the humidity.
    • Of course both the inside and the outdoor temperature have an influence on the ventilation opening.
    • By presetting the screens you can use them for nightly energy saving in winter and for cooling in summer.

Extra climate features

Programming by a graphic mode, it is possible to precisely control different influences on for instance the water temperature or the ventilation opening. It makes for an extremely flexible setting. This setting can then be saved under its own name and can also easily be copied to other compartments.

The Greenspec climate software can also manage cooling systems.

The new webapp is progressing quickly and will become a very handy tool for all Greenspec growers to watch and control the greenhouse from anywhere.
Greenspec has launched a new compact but very complete mixing station that is regulated by our own greenhouse automation system. We now add options for larger systems within the same high quality concept.