Sensors manufactured and supplied by Greenspec

You can use all conventional sensors in a greenhouse controlled by the Greenspec system. But Greenspec manufactors and provides to you 2 special sensors: a pH and an EC sensor. You need these for your irrigation regulation. Greenspec supplies sturdy and stable sensors for this.

Greenspec also provides two combinations of sensors with an integrated optical line connector. These are a meteo station and a temperature/humidity and CO2 measurement box.

We also supply several useful, handy and cost efficient sensors for your greenhouse

Greenspec pH sensor

The pH sensor is a conventional sensor, we just added a good electronic unit. This will then convert the signal to a 4-20 mA signal. We offer two types of mounting holders: to glue or to screw on. Normally you only have to calibrate every 6 months, the lifetime of the sensor is 1 year. (Together with the CO2 sensor this is one of only two sensors that have to be replaced frequently). After that you replace only the sensor part. You put it in the holder and then you can easily fix it to the electronics with the special connector. Recalibrate after replacing!


Greenspec EC sensor

The EC sensor is a special type that has no problems with pollution of the cell. Because of that you only rarely have to clean it. The cell is a metal toroid in a propylene housing. It is stable for years and compensated for temperature changes. This type is much more sturdy as the conventional electrodes. And for this sensor the calibration frequency is very low. (If you want to test the sensor, please always wait until the temperature is stable.)

AFP Nano Meteo made by Greenspec

We also provide an all-inclusive meteo system, the AFP Nano WSC11. This unit reads the data of a special integrated meteo unit,  the WSC11 from Thies. This WSC-11 unit is connected to an AFP Nano optical box. Here you get a compact meteo system. The unit can read temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, radiation, rainfall. It is an integrated unit, Greenspec provides a connection directly to the optical line.

AFP Nano SHT Measurement made by Greenspec

For indoor temperature and humidity Greenspec provides a AFP Nano SHT Measurement Box, easy to fix inside of the greenhouse.  It contains a compact temperature and humidity sensor. As an extra option you can also add a CO2 sensor.

New: the Greenspec app that gives you always quick access to some essential data as soon as you load it. Try the new version. It will save you a lot of time in giving a quick data access.
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